They don't say dogs are "man's best friend" for nothing and, sometimes, they simply make for better companions than another person would. This can certainly be true for road trips so, whether it's just you and your pooch or you have a whole crew of friends and family along, it's important to prepare for your puppy's comfort and happiness accordingly.

The women at POPSUGAR have given us all six great tips on how to keep your dog happy on a road trip. If you don't have much time, simply read our written list below, or you can check out their YouTube page to see the details and watch their cute dog playing around. We hope your summer is full of wonderful memories!

  • Your dog's favorite blanket will provide familiar, calming smells
  • A kit with dog food, water, treats, and poop bags is essential
  • Keep your dog's stress down with a massage using long strokes down the spine and tail
  • If they lose their appetite, a mix of dog food, yogurt, and applesauce will have them eating again
  • A squeegee is great for removing hair from furniture at hotels or B&Bs
  • Let your dog stretch at rest stops and play with a hollow tennis ball filled with treats!
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