In a large vehicle like the Lincoln Navigator, features to help you look at your surroundings are a must-have. Luckily, this popular full-sized SUV is available with a robust camera system at Corley's Albuquerque Lincoln. Multiple cameras around the body of the vehicle help you get a clear view wherever you go.

The 360-degree camera system utilizes multiple cameras. There's one on the front of the SUV, one on the back, and one on each side mirror. When you shift into reverse, the camera feeds are stitched together and displayed on the infotainment screen. A small graphic of the Lincoln Navigator represents your location. The unique system creates a top-down view of your surroundings.

On the front of the SUV, you can also get a split-view camera installed on the grille. This camera is great for driving on Albuquerque streets. It can give you a better view of oncoming traffic from both sides of the vehicle and help you see around tight corners.



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