Inevitably, there are issues that will occur with your vehicle over time. This is especially true if you are driving your vehicle on a daily basis. Wear and tear is bound to happen. Your brake pedal is just one part your vehicle that needs some fixing every now and then. Some issues that you feel with your brake pedal may be caused by issues with your actual brakes, but some concerns will be felt with the pedal and they are simply caused by an issue with just the pedal.

We here at Corley's Albuquerque Lincoln want to make sure your vehicle is safe for you to drive so if you suspect an issue, bring your vehicle in today to have it looked at. This can include issues with:
  • The brake pedal is feeling spongy.
  • The brake pedal is harder to press down than normal.
  • When you press the pedal, it doesn't feel like your vehicle is braking easily.
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