You consider yourself fairly experienced in traveling with food during the holidays. You make the journey to grandma's house every year with containers of delicious food sitting in the back seat. You have packaged them well in airtight containers and you know they won't spill. You've never even spilled food once while traveling for the holidays. But what were to happen if you found yourself slamming on the brakes, or having to suddenly swerve to avoid something. Would your food still stay inside their containers?

In the event of a sudden stop from high speeds, the food sitting in your back seat is going to go flying, possibly knocking off the lid and spilling everywhere. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Use a rope, bungee cord, or even just the seat belt to hold your food in place.

If you need any tips about keeping your car clean during the holidays, feel free to call Corley's Albuquerque Lincoln.
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